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Teens, Tweens and Turtles – Why Teens are the Unsung Heroes in the Battle for Change

Hi book lovers,
Today, local author Joanne McGregor is taking over on my blog. I've had the pleasure of reading some of Joanne's previous books, which includes Turtle Walk, Scarred (one of my absolute favourites) and The Law of Tall Girls.
And that's not even half the list.
But, we're here to talk about Turtle Walk, and so much more.
The first book in the Ecowarrior series, Turtle Walk is one of Joanne's first and traditionally published books. I read and loved the book years back, but this time around, Joanne has revised, revamped and self-published the series.
The first two books of the series, Turtle Walk and Rock Steady have both been released (in fact, happy book birthday to Rock Steady, book two, released yesterday), and Fault Lines will be out soon.
Because the book series focuses on conservation,  I've asked Joanne to chat about why she believes teens are so essential in the fight to help preserve our planet – be it through climate change awareness campaigns,…

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