World Cup Madness

*I'm interrupting my regular book posts to blog about something that I'm sure most of you know about and (in all honesty) are probably sick of hearing about. *

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Games

We're about 1 hour away from the World Cup concert kicking off, and I'm beyond excited! As a Cape Tonian chick, I have to admit that for the past couple of weeks the whole obsession around the world cup soccer just flew over my head...

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been big on sports, especially soccer. But then, slowly over the last 2 weeks, something changed. The stadium infrastructure started coming together, my editor started tasking us with World Cup Player features (which, weirdly enough started becoming quite interesting after a while) and the atmosphere - the atmosphere is so positively brimming and crackling with electric energy, that no fiction-based witch could conjure up that kind of energy with magic.

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. No, scratch that. Yesterday was a day filled with such a universal energy of oneness that the moment felt as if it was almost too big to be captured in an image. At 12 noon yesterday, people from around South Africa stepped out of their offices and gathered at in the main roads in our various city centres where we all collectively started blasting our Vuvuzelas. 

I admit that I normally hate the Vuvuzela. If you've heard what it sounds like, you'll know that it's one of the most annoying sounds on this God-given planet. 

It pretty much sounds like a combination of someone honking on helium crossed with the sound of a pig oinking. But, such is the power of unity that yesterday, when everyone started blasting their horns, I thought it was the most unifying sound on this planet.

If you understand my country's history, you'll know that our country has been grappling with discord, racism and segregation for many years. Of course, today I'm living in a young democratic country (who is very much still in her developing phase) where people have the right to vote and express themselves freely.
That unifying oneness I sensed, spoke of how far my country has come. It spoke of our willingness to support something that is far bigger than ourselves, but mostly it spoke of our diversity. I am very excited to be in a country  that will be hosting such a great event - especially considering that it's our first time doing so.

I was going to post pictures of what it's been like here so far, but I don't have much time as I want to be witness to the opening of the concert and I definitely want to see the kick-off match between South Africa and Mexico (which is tomorrow).

In the meantime, I'll get back to my book related posts by Saturday. (I highly doubt I'll have time to blog tomorrow anyway). For now, I'm going to wear that t-shirt and cheer along with the rest of SA from the moment the concert starts!


Gaby G said…
Oh please post some pictures!! I love soccer and of course I love the world cup!

I was so happy when they announced that SA was going to be the host. I think you guys really deserve it. Your country has had many issues in the past (as a lot of countries, i must add) but you have had an amazing progress. You don't know how much I wish I could go to SA (not only to watch the wc) but its very VERY expensive...I have some friends going and I'm so envious!

The Vuvuzelas...oh, I didn't known they existed until watching the WC. Wow, its amazing the noise that thing makes!! Its like a bee buzz that never ends when I'm watching the games. I admit, I kind of hate it, but also love it, I even bought one! xD

How do you feel about prohibiting Vuvuzelas at games? I understand the noise is very disturbing, but its part of your culture too, right?
Heya Gaby

I'll do my best to post some pics up very soon! Thanks for the kind words - the atmosphere is unbelievable - I think you would have definitely loved being here.

Ha - the Vuvuzelas, I've got a love and hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I think it should be tolerated because this is a once in a lifetime event, but at the same time I find it incredibly annoying too.

Still, I suppose I'll have to grin and bear it for now as people around me seem so enthused about it. :)

Will let you know when I post some pics up!