Book pet peeves

Hmm, so I was going to do a book review today, but the topic of book pet peeves has been on my mind for quite some time, so I first thought I'd just sit down and write this out before I post a new book review...

Pet Peeve #5:

People who don't look after my books
I recently lent one of my favourite books to a friend of mine. The book was relatively new and in pristine condition. When I got the book back, there were large globs of brown coffee stains all over it and the pages were bent and curled.

Now, I don't know about you, but I believe that if I lend you a book of mine, you should return it to me in the same condition as when it was first loaned out to you. I'm the one who used money to pay for it, and if any one gets to ruin the books, then that privilege should be afforded to me (Not that I would ever think of doing this as my books are my babies).
Of course, many may argue that a book well read is a book with curled and tattered pages, but unfortunately I don't subscribe to that rule. Besides, I've read plenty of my books over and over again and almost all of them are intact, in great condition and without coffee stains.

I just don't get how other people think nothing of other people's books and manage to return it in a disgusting state and then think nothing of it. 

I can forgive accidents, but then I expect you to tell me about it, not keep quiet and skulk about for weeks before returning my book with the thought that just maybe I originally gave the book to you in that state.

Pet Peeve #4:
People who try to strike up a conversation with me when I'm reading. I don't know about you, but I become very cranky when people try to interrupt me during my reading time. My editorial deadlines keep me busy on a constant basis, so every single moment that I get free I try to get as much reading done as possible.

As someone who travels to work using the train, this is one of the few chances I really get (besides weekends) to squeeze some reading in - and people on the train just don't seem to get this. 

Look, I'm a social girl and I'm happy to tell you the name of the book I'm reading, but take it any further by telling me about your dog's bowel problems, your family issues or anything that detracts from my precious reading time and I'll eventually end up tuning you out or moving to another seat.

Gosh, I sound like a cow don't I? Someone please tell me I'm not alone?

Pet Peeve #3:
People who spoil book endings.

Right, so it's movie night with you and your buddies and there you are - comfortably seated on the couch, large bowl of buttery popcorn in your hands and great company.

You're also halfway through what has proven to be a good-bordering-on-fantastic movie at the rate at which it's going.

Then, during the middle of an intense build-up to what could possibly be a fantastic and climatic scene, a voice from the back of the darkened room pipes up: "Oh look - here's the part where she dies!"

I don't even need to tell you how that feels, but I am going to tell you that it feels exactly the same way when you do that with books.

So do try to remember that other people who haven't read the book would like to read it without knowing what happens. (Unless of course, you're the kind of reader who actively seeks out spoilers).

Also, if you're going to include spoilers, I think it would only be fair that a warning is given to the reader, don't you?

Pet Peeve #2:
People who judge you based on the type of books you read

I love books and will read just about anything - although I do have a really soft spot for Young Adult Fiction.

Here's the thing though - I often find that people who don't read books from this genre always tend to mock this genre and question my taste in reading.

Of course, I've discovered that the easiest way to shut these book snobs up (because that is what they are) is to ask them if they've read any books in this genre and what it is about the books that have made them hate this genre.

Usually they don't have anything to say - because, as you may have guessed, they haven't' read any books in the genre.  (I'm using YA fic as an example, but the snobbishness happens across all genres)

Point is, we all have different tastes in reading and as an ardent bibliophile I respect, embrace and welcome that. I try to make sure that I never mock someone who has different tastes in books and I believe that it's our different choices in reading that could get other people to try out books that they normally wouldn't think of reading.

So don't judge people based on the types of books they're reading. You may just end up becoming the new poster child for that genre.

Pet Peeve #1:
Book thieves

My number one pet peeve would have to be book thieves. 

And by that I don't mean people who rob book stores (although they certainly should be jailed and never be allowed near books again), but I'm talking about the people you've lent a book to, but who just couldn't be bothered to return it.

Yes, if you have done this, then you are a book thief.

I don't know if people assume that just because I'm done with a book, that I don't want it anymore, but this not true. I'm a bibliophile for goodness sake. I am never done with books. I love to see them in my bookshelves and I love being able to take them out and read them again and again and again.

And since I bought the book, it is my right to get the book back, so book thieves please - if you love a book so much, go and buy your own.  The only way you get to keep the book is if I actually tell you that you can have the book.

Otherwise, consider the book a borrowed item. It's name is return.

Gosh, well now that that little rant is over, I'd love to hear what your major book pet peeves are. Oh  and also so that you can make me feel better about my rather bitchy rant. *grins*

Come on, I know you all have your own pet peeves  - it's  time to share :-)


asamum said…
People who turn the corners over on pages to mark their place.
People who leave books turned upside down on the table to mark theri place and crease the spine ;)
I probably have many more....
Cass said…
PP #5: exactly the reason why I don't lend any of my books to my friends, save a select few who care for their books as much as I do with mine. Some people EAT while reading!!! Oh, the horror! One of my friends lent a book to a friend, got it back a week later and there were CRUMBS IN BETWEEN THE PAGES, AS WELL AS A PEN MARK ALONG THE BOTTOM!!! Obviously, that friend has been blacklisted. :P

PP #1: I think back in 7th grade or something, I borrowed a book from my sister. I forgot to return it. I just went over to her bookshelf to slip it back in, but she bought a new copy...(my copy is currently at orange-paging stage) Her old copy will not be missed.

Missie said…
LOL! I have to agree with this whole list!!!! Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

FYI, I'm hosting my first giveaway. Check it out if you have a chance:
The The New Me Giveaway!

Happy Reading,
The Unread Reader
GABY said…
Oh gosh, I'm a book thief. I stole the first book of the harry potter serie to my niece!! i bought all the serie, but that book is so special I can think of buying a new one.

But I agree with you in every point. Actually, I don't lend books...XD
Aisle B said…
I subscribe to all your peeves and the biggest one being the Loaning of books to people who return them back in HORRIBLE CONDITION. I'm actually feared at work for my stringent demands that books come back in the same condition (if need be I'll point out the spots that have mysteriously appeared) and will tell the "said person" oh oh what is this?? I only lend out to people who have a love of books but take emaculate care of them. Yes I do lend out horrible defaced books but I bought them like that so no problemo. I think I scared on girl enough that she bought me a new one. The best one was getting a book back in better condition than the original one...Hmm she didn't have to get new a replacement but the poor girl became so paranoid about whether that mark had been there or not. I just asked for the old one back and told her to keep her new copy :)
As for the books never coming back... know that karma will bite and OFF with their HEADS! Just chalk it up to the list of "WHO NOT TO LEND OUT TO EVER AGAIN."
Loved the peeves !

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