Signs of a bookaholic

No real time for a proper review until later this week, so I thought I'd do a top signs that indicate you're a bookaholic. I've posted this on the website for our books section, and thought it would be fun to post here. I've added a few that wasn't in my original list.

You know you're a bookaholic when...

1.  You lie to your friends about some imagined illness in order to stay in and read instead (I am incredibly guilty of this).

2.  You start talking about characters as if they are real and developing crushes on said characters.

3.  During a make-up and shoe sale, you still opt to buy the book even though it's not on sale. (Seriously, any shoe-addicted woman who chooses books over shoes is definitely a bookaholic)

4.  You specifically request that people give you book vouchers as birthday gift options instead of that expensive perfume.

5.  You forget to pick you kids up from school or to do that extremely important thing you were supposed to do because you were just so into that book.  (Any angry kiddies in the house lately, mommies?)

6.  You own the hardcover version of the book but you buy the paperback anyway because the pretty cover simply begged you to. And when the movie cover versions of the book are released, you buy those too.

7.  You walk into the living room and lounge area and trip over the myriad of books that are piled up into every available corner - aside from the actual bookshelf.

8.  You're so worried that people won't return your books, you make them fill out a detailed form consisting of more than just a name, number, surname and address.

9.  You happily forfeit a night's rest in order to stay up and finish the book that just can't wait until tomorrow (Not all bloodshot eyes are a result of a heavy night's worth of binge-drinking you know).

10. You miss your train station / bus stop because you were so into your book and only realise a few stops later.

11. You  take a book to a social event and find yourself a little corner to read. (I've gotten into trouble because of this many, many times over)

12. You have a book blog. Not only that - you panic and react with sheer horror when you find yourself not having enough time to update your blog or chat to the book bloggers.

13. You spend more money on books than what you do on anything else.

14. You call in sick to work just so that you can stay at home to finish the book.

15. You fear the very thought of not living long enough to get around to reading all the books that you want to read.

I could add so much more here, but then this list would really become the list that wouldn't end and would probably leave you with very little room to comment.

So, I'll leave it at that and let you continue the list below. Share, share, share!


asamum said…
Lol I agree with most of those :D
Did you see my post about book addiction
Shy said…
I totally agree with you on almost of the things listed above!

A really cool post. Thanks for sharing =)
Jo said…
Fun post! I freely admit familiarity with some of these on the list.... :)
Aisle B said…
I read the bookaholic list and laughed myself to bits! I can claim with certainty that bits about book vouchers for b day gifts, Xmas , etc. I have been known to lock myself in the bathroom to get reading time, and have stayed up to wee hours in the morning to finish a book like an obsessed lover who can not let go.
I wrote up a list for people to sign their names once they borrow a book... but I've yet to see them sign... I think that scared them off :)

I see more similarities every time I come back and shake my head & smile. Twin sister from another mother, I hear you and SMILE :)
This is fantastic! I love it.
daydreamerN said…
I like this. I have A LOT of them.
like the work one. but for me it is with school.
you should add one that says: you have a book with you at all times. you read at work all the time.
or some thing like that.

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