Book review: Masquerade

Secrets, masked balls and hidden agendas are all some of the exciting things that can be expected in the dirty-sexy glamorous world of the Blue Bloods vamps.

Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz (Atom books)

Book 2 in the Blue Bloods series
A lot has happened since Schuyler Van Alen first found out that she's a Blue Blood vamp.

Between learning to be comfortable with her newfound vampire powers, losing her stern grandmother to attacks that the elite Blue Blood Committee members turn a blind eye to, and pining after a boy who burns both hot and cold for her, Schuyler certainly has her hands full.

For the vamps, coming into their cycle and learning about their true heritage couldn't have come at a worse or a more vulnerable time in their lives.

Something is out there attacking and preying on Young Blue Bloods and Schuyler is convinced that she knows what it is.

Unfortunately for her, The Committee, who she suspects knows more than they let on, refuse to acknowledge (for the sake of deceiving everyone and themselves) that what she has to say holds any merit.

With the help of Oliver, her human friend and constant companion, Schuyler takes matters into her own hands and fulfils a promise she made to Cordelia (her gran) by journeying to Venice in search of her grandfather, Lawrence Van Alen (whom she's convinced holds the answers to just what has been attacking the vamps).

In the meantime, the Committee are preparing for the ball of century and no one is looking more forward to the event than the cunning and devious Mimi Force - whose selective and extremely exclusive after party plans include hosting a Masquerade ball like no one has ever seen before. 

My thoughts?

Let me start off by saying that I thought I was tired of the vampire genre (Yes, even us vamp fanatics do get tired of this genre every once in a while). 

But then I started reading Blue Bloods and fell in love with the genre all over again. Melissa de la Cruz brings such a refreshing twist to the genre that I couldn't help but find myself wanting more. 

And it's no different with the second installment in this series.

It's a surprisingly easy, quick and fast-paced read and I often found myself deliberately putting the book down because I wanted to prolong the book for as long as I could.

A lot of people have complained that at times Melissa seems to skim through background details, but I have to admit that I haven't really noticed this - and it's probably because I was so intrigued with the characters and was more interested in finding out what they'll be doing next that paying attention to the minor details didn't really seem all that important to me.

Usually, it would bother me, but Melissa writes in such a way, that any form of skimming doesn't actually impact on the quality of the novel.

I have to admit though that as much as I love reading and getting to hear the different voices of Schuyler, Bliss and Mimi - the voice which interests me the most is that of Schuyler. She's so incredibly gutsy and likeable that I really can't help but root for her.

The fact that I like her so much does make me wish that more time could be spent on Schuyler's voice in the novel, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy reading about Bliss's development throughout the novel.

I have the sense that something weird is going on with Bliss (which I may just find out in the next book), and really like the fact that she's becoming more of her own person instead of just another Mimi shadow. 
The addition of a new, hot male character, Kingsley (who I don't trust at all by the way), definitely serves to make her life more interesting.

As for Mimi? Gosh, what an utter pestilence. If there is one character that I really wish could just die - it would be her.

This brat really thinks that the world needs to hand everything to her (including Jack) on a gold-encrusted tray. So much so, that she doesn't hesitate in plotting to destroy anyone who gets in her way.  I get the feeling I'll be liking her even less in the upcoming instalments.

One other thing that does both me though is that even though the relationship between Mimi and Jack is explained, I am firmly Team Jack and Schuyler and would love nothing more than to see him defy the laws which he is bound to in order to go after the girl he really should be with. Much as I like Oliver, I just can't picture Schuyler with him.

That aside, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what will be happening in the next instalment. For anyone who hasn't read this yet and for those of you tired of the vampire genre - read this, you may just be surprised at what a refreshingly fun take this is!

My rating:
4/5 stars


Melissa said…
Brilliant review! I'm sad to hear that some of the details and backgrounds were skimmed because that usually turns me off, but this sounds really good! :)
Jan von Harz said…
Once again you have made me want to buy and read yet another series. Thanks for a terrific review (I think)
Lol at mimi!!! I really like the cover of your version!
Anonymous said…
I love this series as well, they're SUCH easy reads that I just fly through the books! Fab review!
Aisle B said…
Great review and tagging it on for my TBR list. I thought the whole Blue Blood for vampires an interesting take and your review makes me want to read it even more. Dedicating myself to reading more paranormal next. Started The Hunger Games.. holy smokes!
Anonymous said…
I love the Blue Bloods series :) Masquerade is my third favorite, my first being Van Alen Legacy and my second being Revelation. There's a Jack/Schuyler scene that I'm totally in love with in Masquerade that's during the masquerade ball (hopefully you know which I'm talkin' about, *wink wink, nudge nudge*). I adore Schuyler! I think Bliss's chapters become more interesting as the books continue because of her extreme internal conflict that is eventually revealed I think in Revelation. And Mimi, well...she continues to anger you.
Just a word of advice: Read Van Alen Legacy IMMEDIATELY after reading Revelation. Most of the time I was reading Van Alen I was trying to remember what had happened at the end of Revelation and was very confused for a third of the book.

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