Giveaway contest: Winners

Yikes, I'm so behind on things lately, that I'm only getting around to doing the winner announcements now! Between writing my latest book club newsletter  - which I still seem to be battling with this month, arranging new book contests (still to come) and trying to get reading and reviewing done, I unfortunately couldn't get around to this until now.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners:

The first winner I chose based on how the sexiest character was sold to me (I did mention that I would be reading the next book based on the winner's choice and I am now currently reading City of Bones as we speak), and the rest of the winners I chose using

1st Prize: Winner of a book of her choice to the value of $20 is:

Stephany from Read-a-Holic who had me sold with the line: Trust me, I fangirl every time his name appears on a page. :) (Recommendation: Jace from The Mortal Instruments series)

2nd Prize: Blue Bloods copy:

Syll_ble from syllableinthecity

3rd and 4th Prize: E-book version of My Love Lies Bleeding:
First E-book goes to:  Lu from Lu's Bloody Big Book Blog
Second E-book goes to: Shy from The Bibliophile's Journal

I realise that this was probably a very random and spontaneous contest. It wasn't a way for me to get new followers (although that is always nice). My next contest is going to be a far larger contest with more books to be given away and with a simple, but proper form.

To everyone, thanks for entering the giveaway and sorry I couldn't add more prizes this time around. To the winners, I'll be contacting you in the next 24 hours!


Lu said…
Oh wow I won!! Yay!
Thanks so much Tammy! Now I'm going to bed smiling from ear to ear :D
Wow! I totally forgot to enter this (doh!), but those were amazing prizes! I'll be sure to watch out for your next contest! Congrats to the winners! :)
Anonymous said…
aw, I feel so cool! thank you so much!! :D
and, as you must know since you're reading City of Bones now, I was not exaggerating with Jace ;)
thank you again! Congrats to the other winners!
Aisle B said…
Congrats to the winners!

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