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So this is my first IMM of the year and it starts off with quite a bang. The books I bought and received are not necessarily new ones, but they are books that I’ve wanted for a while now.

Here’s what I received

Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion

I'm not too big on Zombie stories, but I have heard some seriously awesome things about this book and the premise of the novel sounds incredibly intriguing. I get the feeling that this is one of those books that is going to end up surprising me - in the best way possible.


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

 I know, I know. I'm sure almost everyone has read this book by now already, yet somehow I'm only getting around to this now. I think this is one of the most beaufifully packaged books I've ever come across to date. I love the bound journal format and also love the fact that the font is blue. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Yes, I caved and decided to buy this book. Have heard and read mixed reviews about the book, but already read Shiver so would really love to see what happens next. Besides, I loved Shiver so I can't not give  this a chance. It would be a different matter had I hated the first book from the word go!
Frostbite by Richelle Mead
 Yes, I am probably one of the last remaining people who has only jumped on the Vampire Academy bandwagon now – oh well, rather too late than never is my motto. I have yet to start Vampire Academy, but decided to by the second one in the series too so that I can jump straight into this one as soon as I'm done with VA.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

This one is not a YA fic, but I’ve been itching to read this one because I simply love the idea behind this novel. Also, there's going to be a movie adaptation of this book, so I really want to read this before the movie comes out. Also, the title of the book really grabbed me from the start. I've got high hopes for this one!  

Wings by Aprilynne Pike
I know, I know... for someone who proclaims to be an ardent lover of fairies, it sure took me some time to get around to this one, didn’t it? 

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Again, another book I finally managed to get around to buying. Mind you, I’m kind of glad I waited for this one because I don’t have to suffer through an agonising wait for the next books like many of you probably had to. *is not being smug at all, promise... ok, maybe just a little bit :)*

And that’s it from me for this week’s IMM box. What’s in your IMM this week? I’d love to know. 


CarlyB said…
Ooh awesome books this week! The Sky is Everywhere is as amazing as everyone says it is so I really hope you enjoy it. And Warm Bodies sounds wicked!x
Aisle B said…
I just went through a marathon read of VA and girl you are so going to enjoy it. By far my fave is Blood Promise. Hey did you skip book 1 and go directly to Book 2 Frostbite?? Well no worries since book 2 she wraps up what happens from first one.
I have to track down book 6 last Sacrifice since library has none. Also have to get this set... just have to think of a way to bypass my hubby's no books buying budget. Arghhhhh...

Linger.. does it have green font?? Mine did. It was a bit tricky to read the green font but I keep hearing Forever will be in red. Ugh don't know if I like that idea since red in some cultures is BAD BAD BAD luck.

I so hope that you will love The Hunger Games. Keeping my fingers crossed.

PS You really had a terrific haul over the holidays!

Love ya more my little pixie :)
Chrizette said…
I got THE HUNGER GAMES from my secret santa in my South African Goodreads group - we should read it together :)

Here is my In my Mailbox
Nope. Have yet to read VA before Frostbite - so will definitely first read that before I go on to Frostbite - I prefer reading my series in order :D
Jen Daiker said…
These books look amazing!!! As does your blog!

I need to pick up Wings and the authors other works. I've heard amazing things!
brandileigh2003 said…
I really LOVE the VA series. Enjoy!
Jenny said…
Yay Tammy! So many good books in your mailbox this week, can't wait to read your thoughts on Frostbite, I so love Rose and Dimitri:) I've heard The Sky is Everywhere is amazing and The Hunger Games is one of my favorites. Enjoy all those!
Holy moly, good stuff!
Jan von Harz said…
Some fab title this week. Enjoy!
Melissa said…
What a fantastic haul this week! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Warm Bodies. It sounds fantastic :)
Lu said…
Wow that is one great mailbox!

Enjoy your books :)
Clover said…
You are definitely not the last person to get into the Vampire Academy books - I haven't read any of them. I felt SO left out with all the Last Sacrifice buzz lately :( And The Sky Is Everywhere is absolutely incredible! I loved that one to bits. Happy reading :)
GABY said…
Love your new layout!!

You have to review Water for Elephant. I'm interested in that book too.
Lu said…
Great mailbox this week! Can't wait for your Linger review :)

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