Booktalk: Swoony, dreamy titles

Time for another book talk session on the blog today... 

One book I'm really excited about reading is The Empress of Ice Cream by Anthony Capella. It's an historical fiction novel that boasts a gorgeous cover featuring a model with luscious russet locks and coral red lips.

Admittedly the cover was a major drawcard for me, but what really grabbed my attention, was the actual title that conjured up an immediate image of high court intrigue during the Renaissance and imagining the taste of ice-cream flavours in a different time period screamed instant must-read for me.

For me, choosing a book is not something that is based on choosing a favourite author (although when nothing else appeals to me, I do revert to what I know best). Rather, I go by on the title and the words on the book jacket.

Being a word nerd, I tend to be attracted to quixotic and swoony titles that convey atmosphere. For example, I was looking through my list of books to-read and realised that there are many of the books that I chose based on its title.

I haven't read any of these yet, but I thought I'd highlight a  3 books that I've selected simply because the title appealed to me:

Moonglass by Jessi Kirby
(This is not kind of book I'd normally read, but this title just makes me think of milky coloured moons made of glass and memories)

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater
(This title makes me think of bittersweet, otherworldy, lingering songs of melancholy. From what I've heard about this book, I'd say Maggie couldn't have picked a better title for a book. I really can't wait to read this one. I also love her titles Shiver and Linger but couldn't put all of them here).

Nocturne by Syrie James
(Nocturne is usually a piece of music that is inspired by nightfall. And music and night often form and combine to create a dark symphony of supernatural romance and clandestine splendour. And the supernatural here is a vampire. Apparently he plays the piano too.

And you know how much I love hot boys/men who play musical instruments. And if they're hot men of the night? Well, even better.  See, how book titles can make you instinctively guess at something before you read the book?)

Of course, I have found that sometimes the book with simple and seemingly ordinary titles end up being some of the best books I've ever read.

Some of my favourites include One Day by David Nicholls and Forbidden (Ok, ok... I think that at the end of the day, Forbidden is a title that will appeal to most people, but simply because it represents something that is taboo - the title itself is a common one, if that makes sense to you) by Tabitha Suzuma. (I've linked to both reviews so that you can see just how much I've been gushing about these two books). 

And finally, there are of course the books with gorgeous titles that end up being massive disappointments. I've had qutie a few bad experiences, but the most disappointing experience I've had was with Wicked Lovely.

Gorgeous title, beautiful cover but man, what a hell of a disappointing read for me. My fairy soul nearly died of disappointment because it was one of those books I really wanted to love, but JUST couldn't. The world created was beautiful, but I never could connect with any of the characters, especially the main ones.

But I suppose that it's the price one has to pay for judging a book based on its title. Books, like life, is very much a hit and miss thing. Sometimes you get it right. Sometimes you don't.

Anyway, that's it from me for this week. What I'd love to know is do you choose books based on its title? Have you had similar experiences to mine? And which book, based on its title, has disappointed you the most?

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to visiting any of your blogs lately. Insanely busy (SIGH)  - I will be catching up soon though and not only that, but I'll have a surprise up on my blog very soon too. Expect a new giveaway and some special guests on my blog soon. :)


Nicole said…
Covers do attract me and I certainly would read the book there! I love a redhead ;p course I've made more than a few good ballsups when I've hit the one click on a nice (and cheap) cover! Must learn to sample ;p

The Arrival, only .99c on Amazon
the empress of ice cream?? i love it all, the title, the cover, everything!
Jan von Harz said…
When choosing books, I do often look at the cover and lust ofter the book, title also excited me. But most books I choose are based on their summaries. Hope your busy life settles down soon.
Dazzling Mage said…
You just mentioned all the reasons why I'm drawn to The Empress of Icecream. xD
interesting book! just hoppin by! new follower!! love the blog! found it on the YA book blog directory! =] follow me too?!
Aisle B said…
I love gelato too!

I agree that cover is very tempting.

I read Forbidden because of you and always come back to know what else is top of the line reading. You're breaking my budget... I wouldn't have it any other way though ;)
Straylights said…
I'm always attracted to a cover first and then the summary. Lots of times I'll be like "oooh pretty cover!!" and then read the summary and go "booooorrrriiiiinnnnggggg!!!" so all in all, I'm glad my cover lusting has not completely taken over my buying habits. But it might happen :-/