Books people keep shoving down my throat

Yep, I'm back.

It's certainly been a while hasn't it? Still, I must admit that I am rather glad I took a bit of a breather from blogging.

I've missed being here of course (and I've certainly missed all my regular blog visitors, that's for sure), but I felt like I really just needed to take a step back and focus on things in my life that I've unwittingly been neglecting.

I've got a lot of catching up to do (which I will get to throughout the course of the week), but  in the meantime, I thought I'd do a quick post about  books that people keep trying to shove down my throat.

As a rule, I love having books recommended to me and I love hearing what other people have to say about the books that they're recommending...

Yet, I think there's a fine line between recommending and just downright trying to shove a book down my throat. Unfortunately, people in their enthusiasm, don't get that it's often their over-the-top excitement about a book that end up being one of the very things that can put people off reading a book for good.

Yes I know. That's book irony in its purest form.

But, without further ado, I've compiled and divided my books into two separate lists of books people keep trying to shove down my throat, the first being:

a - The wanted to read, but no longer want to because of incessant insistence that I should read it and...
b - The still want to read, but am waiting for the bad feelings surrounding the forced recommendations to go away.

A: Wanted to read, but no longer care or want to read


1. Shantaram
I'll never, ever, EVER read this.

Not even if all the world's books burnt down and this one was the only one left standing

(You can tell by that sentence just how badly I was being harassed into trying to read this).

On some level, it pains me that I feel this way because I can remember a vague feeling of actually wanting to read this before people just constantly started throwing this in my face and trying to force this book down my throat. 

That vague feeling of wanting to read that book? Forever gone.

2. The Da Vinci Code
Yes, can you believe it - I still haven't read this book. Nor have I watched the movie.

Nor am I going to ever want to.
Because, as much as I realise that there are people who wanted to and genuinely have read this book because they wanted to, I myself. don't want to be part of the crowd that has just read this book for the sake of being able to say that they've read the book (and so that they can join in the pseudo-intellectual debates surrounding this).

Unfortunately, I've come across quite a few of these people and this, besides the actual book hype, was a driving force behind me not wanting to read this book.

Books are meant to be read because you want to read them, not because you don't want to be left out of the discussion and hype surrounding the book. 

3. House of Night book series

I remember a time where I actually wanted to read this series. Now, well, every time I see these books on the shelves, I walk by as quickly as I can.

I suppose, people were pretty much still in Twilight high mode, but I think I already reached that point long before most did and frankly just wanted to move on.

I still love a good vamp story, but this one is one series I probably won't ever read.

There are many more that I could put under this list, but I suspect I look as if I'm just a horrible person who enjoys slating the books that other people probably loved or still want to read.

So, moving along to the next list, which I've titled the:

Still want to read, but am waiting for the bad feelings surrounding the forced recommendations to go away list.

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
I really, really, really want to read this.

In fact, this book is sitting on my shelf and just waiting to be read.

People have either been loving this or hating it and the fact the there is such an obvious divide (besides people trying to get me to read it at that moment) has made me hesitate a little.

When I find myself hesitating about a book, I put it on the back burner for a while - that way my opinion is not influenced by any reviews or by what people keep telling me about it.
I really hate it when people put an opinion in my mouth even before I've actually read the book - and I've found that way too many people have been trying to do this for Crescendo, which is why I haven't read it yet.

The good news is that this is definitely not a book I'll be putting on the don't-want-to read list, because I love Becca's writing and I loved Hush, Hush.

The next book on my list is:

J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series
Many, many readers out there adore this adult book series.

I've started the first book, but somehow lost interest - not for lack of loving it, but probably because I felt like that specific time I was reading it just wasn't right for reading it. 

Unfortunately, a couple of months and a few years later, I still feel this way.

Again, trying to shove this series down my throat also didn't help much.

I'm not quite sure when this feeling will go away, but I do know that I want to read it at some stage.

Matched by Ally Condie
A dystopian fiction novel that I've been seriously looking forward to reading. 

Yet again, the hype proved to be a major off-putting factor.

I've pretty much decided to read as little reviews for this book as possible and do think that I've now managed to reach a point where I'll be picking this up in the next month or so.

It really has taken me forever to get around to the point where I was ready to get over my issues with the hype surrounding this book, but I think I'm finally finding it in me to become excited about reading this.

That's me for now...

I'm of course quite interested in hearing about the books you won't be reading / the books you'll be putting on the back burner, so please feel free to share below.

P.S. It's good to be back.


I hated the DaVinci Code.
Aisle B said…
I only have one thing to say....

IT'S ABOUT TIME! and WELCOME BACK my little Pixie Fairy!

ahhhh it does me such happiness to see your eloquent "no holds" back style in motion again.

I agree with you on the books that get shoved down our throats. It makes me anxious to read them but it also makes me weary since the bar is way too high to start for that poor title.

You're back with a vengeance and loving it all.
Straylights said…
YAY welcome back!!! I hope you enjoyed your time away :D

I dont really get a lot of books recommended to me, but the books I'm sick of seeing on blogs? Matched, Delirium, Shiver, and Nightshade. UGH. I read Delirium and it wasn't nearly as good as the hype suggested....just sayin'
Jenny said…
Welcome back Tammy! Hope your time away was fabulous and has you excited to be back blogging again:) I'm excited to see Dark Lover on your list, the brotherhood is one of my very favorite series. Not trying to push it on you, just stating a fact! It's definitely not for everyone though, no many how many times people tell you they love it.
Jan von Harz said…
I have read all of Brown's book and while the Da Vinci Code was OK I liked Angels and Demons much better. I have also read Matched and while again it was OK, Delirium which had similar themes was much better in my opinion.

Glad you are back, but I totally understand the need for a break. I have been slacking off recently myself as life has been getting in the way of both my reading and my writing.
SOOOOOO GLAD to have you back!
It's a Book Thing blog Missed you!!!!

Oh what a brilliant idea for a blog post, I'll have to think about this for a little while.

I've had lots of people try to cram The Da Vinci Code down my throat. It really isn't something I think I would enjoy reading, so it will likely never happen.

As for the others, House of Night is OK, but I wouldn't rush yourself or anything. They get a bit much towards the end of the series. And I liked Matched, but as another commenter mentioned, Delirium is very similar and (I felt) better.

Sorry to hear some people's over enthusiasm for books has pushed you to abandon any attempts at ever reading the books!
Aleetha said…
Welcome Back :)

Until now I have not found any books that I won't be reading. Because the more I read any review, positive or negative, the more I want to read it.Just like Matched, I hope I can have my own copy soon
With The House of Night series...agreed! I started this series, read the 8 released novels and I am a bit annoyed because the novels feel like they were written to only make profit...