Book trailer: The Faerie Ring

To round up my previous post, here's the trailer for The Faerie Ring. Definitely very excited for this one as it's not only features one of my favourite supernatural beings, but it's also set in Victorian London - which is one of my favourite eras for a book to be set in.

Check it out below.

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't been catching up on comments lately - I'm rather busy at work (it's my book club newsletter week this week - you're more than welcome to sign up for it here, if you want) and only seem to have time to prep a post over the weekend and post it week nights.

I promise to get around to doing catch ups as soon as my time allows.


Aisle B said…
Going to sign up for your book club - if you're in charge Heck YES I'm ONBOARDING! ;)

PS Pull out Divergent... I have bags under my eyes and bed head for work... so totally worth it!

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