Giveaway: Alyson Noel goodies

It's been ages since I've done a giveaway, which is why I'm excited about doing this giveaway, along with the girls over at It's a book thing blog.

Here's what you can win:

2 Evermore t-shirts (Small)
2 Immortals series bookmarks
A few sample chapters of Evermore, book 1 in the Immortals series

I've actually been meaning to post this giveaway, along with the Alyson Noel interview, which I've done previously (and which you can find here), but since, Kelly, one of the fabulous half of the duo over at It's a book thing blog (the other fabulous half being Tarryn), is sponsoring most of the prizes (I'll be throwing in a little something of myself, I thought it would be a great idea if we hosted the actual giveaway form on her blog.

       So, rules of the giveaway are as follows:
  • 2 winners will each receive a t-shirt, a bookmark and a sample chapter of Evermore.
  • First prize will include a copy of any book in the Immortal series, which I'll then order via Book Depository and have it shipped it off to you.
  • Giveaway is open internationally and runs until the 25 August, upon whereby we'll announce the winners on both the blog and contact them via email.
    All you need to do now is:
Simply fill out the form here, and become a follower of It's a book thing's blog. You absolutely don't have to be a follower of mine, but it's always welcome and appreciated. Good luck!


The Story Queen said…
Wow, thanks so much! :) Fingers crossed.
Aisle B said…
I actually got one of the books from my friend on loan. I won't be signing on for this contest but I do want to wish everyone the best. Yes Pixie girl - I can't believe I'm not signing on-- but I'm afraid my hubby will have my mail transferred elsewhere since our room has become a book hoarders haven... NOT Good.....
Shelagh said…
This looks like a lovely giveaway Tammy - thank you. :)

The Word Fiend
Shelagh said…
Hi Tammy, I've given you a blog award: details here

Chrizette said…
Oh what beautiful t-shirts!

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