Blog tour book review: Existence by Abbi Glines

What's a girl to do when Death literally comes looking for you?

As part of the Existence blog tour (courtesy of the lovely ladies from the Teen Book Scene), today's stop on my blog is an actual review of the book.

Be sure to check out the previous stop on my blog, where Abbi gave us a glimpse into the characters and what they'd say if they each had a twitter profile.

Existence by Abby Glines (Wild Child Publishing)
For as long as she can remember, 17-year old Pagan Moore has always been able to see lost and wondering ghostly souls.

Since most can't talk and because she's the only one that is able to see them, Pagan has pretty much been able to ignore them.
At least until the first day of school, that is.

When she steps out of her car and spots the brooding boy lounging against the picnic table and smirking at her, she doesn't think much of it. Until she realises that:

a) he just won't seem to leave her alone, and
b) he actually speaks.

Despite her initial fear of him, Pagan quickly becomes fascinated with the talking soul, who is not only incredibly smart, but also has some serious music skills to boot. 

What she doesn't realise is that the wicked beautiful soul she's quickly falling in love with is not a normal soul at all.

He goes by the name of Dank Walker and he is Death; which can only mean one thing: Pagan's appointed time to die is near.

But, as life goes, nothing is as clear-cut as it seems and Death is about to discover that he's willing to break more than a few rules to keep the living soul he's falling in love with, alive.


If anyone had to ask me what the first word is that comes to mind with regards to Existence, then the word I'd most likely use is: addictive.

There's something about a fast-paced novel that doesn't spend pages waffling through tedious descriptions that makes for a quick, easy and highly entertaining read.

Not that I mind descriptions (To be perfectly honest, I adore them), it's just that the sense of immediacy about Existence is what sucked me into the world Abbi Glines created within her book.

For those who have just about had enough about the vampire, werewolf and angel genre, Abbi brings a unique concept to the world of YA literature that is not only refreshing, but one that's quite intriguing too.

I don't necessarily think it's been fully explored just yet, but considering that Existence is the first book in a trilogy, I'd certainly like to see and understand more about Pagan's ability and the reason behind why her soul is so different from anyone else's.

For me, Pagan was a pretty interesting character for the most part. I often find that I get very annoyed if characters are too walk-the-straight-line perfect, but Pagan is a pretty flawed character whose actions will no doubt cause the reader to fluctuate between varying degrees of sympathy and annoyance.

Case in point: the messy love triangle situation she got herself in.

The supporting characters also made for a great addition to the book, although at times I did feel as if they were relegated to the background when Pagan went through some terrifyingly supernatural experiences. 

Of course, the character that was a favourite of mine is definitely Dank (Death). I've mentioned in a previous post of mine that I'm a sucker for fictional boys who are musically inclined and Dank definitely applies here. 

While not present throughout the entire novel, for me, there was a sense of omniscience surrounding him that had me aware of him, even during his absence.

He's definitely the ultimate broody bad boy sort and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him in the next instalment in the trilogy.

The one thing I'd like to see more of is things from his perspective. Existence had me questioning what he was thinking when he first saw her, just how and when he fell in love with her and basically just what was going on in his mind when he first decided to bend the rules for her.

Aside from the concept and interesting characters, for me the highlight of the novel would be towards the end of the novel.

There's a refreshing twist on the idea behind sacrificing that completely caught me by surprise and has me wondering just what else Abbi has up her sleeve for the next instalment in the trilogy.

It will be interesting to see how she can top that.

More than that I can't say for fear of giving too much away but suffice to say that Existence is certainly a read that will leave you waiting with bated breath for the next instalment in this trilogy. Especially with that cliff hanger of note.

On a final note: how creeptastic and awesome is that cover? The eerie green eyes is a nice touch, don't you think?


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