Book talk; The Quirks of a Book Nerd

The thing I love most about books and reading, is that it has resulted in me developing a lot of eccentric and bookish habits.

I've been thinking about the fact that we read so much and focus so much on the lovely interior and world within the books, that we forget how we appear on the outside.

In fact, I can say with certainty that we often have no idea just how far their influence stretch to and beyond our daily lives and how it shapes our day-to-day routine.

And so, it's with this in mind I've come to realise the following about myself:

1. If I take a break, I have to stop when a new book chapter ends or starts. I hate bookmarking in between chapters because it makes me feel like I'm reading something incomplete.

2. If I buy a book series, they have to be in the same format and have the same covers. I recently bought The Hunger Games box set and gave away my original copy because it didn't match up with the rest.

I am a complete and utter sucker for a pretty book cover and (will sometimes spend money ill-advisedly I might add!) to splurge on a book because the cover entranced me.

4. I get excited about a book, buy it, and once I do, end up not reading it immediately. It's as if I first need to satisfy the need to have the book on my book shelf, let it soak in a little, and then maybe a month or so later, finally pick the book up. There are of course, exceptions to this rule.

5. Perversely enough, when I'm in the mood for a book, I tend not to be in the mood for one of my own, unread books on my shelf, and end up buying another one.

Sometimes, I'll even read that one immediately and sometimes, I'll end up picking up a book from my shelf after adding the one that I just bought. (I know. I'm a walking contradiction).

6. I've only recently learned how to abandon books I don't like because there are simply too many books and too little time! Still working on the guilt issue though.

7. I know books are subjective and I know that I've written a column about how I don't need to love the book that you do, but secretly, it still annoys me when people don't recognise my favourite book for the awesomeness that it is (feel free to throw rocks at me if you want).

8. You are instantly my new best friend if you end up loving a book that I recommended to you. If you hated it, I don't want you to tell me (oh alright, you can tell me).

9. I am the ultimate book hoarder. I hate letting go of books. Also, how can I let go of books when I'm planning to build a library bigger than the one that the Beast gave Beauty? Tsk.

If I lend you books, I'm secretly hoping you'll read the book in a day so that I can get it back immediately. I have book separation anxiety issues, ok? They're my babies.

11. If my book comes back to me in a bad condition, I make a mental note to never pass another book the offending person's way, and then ask them to buy me a new copy.

And finally...

12. If I love an e-book, I absolutely have to buy the physical book as well.

Right, now that I've confessed my oddball habits.

Actually, I have so much more to add, but think it would be more fun to hear about yours. 

Disclaimer: This originally appeared as a column on Women24, a South African women's lifestyle website where I manage, amongst other things, an online books section.


This is exactly how I feel about books, for instance, I have to go to the library once or twice a week. If not I'll go crazy [laughs]. Even though I have a stack of book at the my house.
Dazzling Mage said…
Ugh, that Beauty and the Beast library. It's a dream we all have our eyes on.

Great post!
@The Young Book Collector: I can definitely relate to that. In fact, I now desperately feel the need to visit the library again.

@Dazzling Mage: Isn't it just? Mind you, I'd take both the enchanted beast and the library if given the opportunity!
Sana said…
I love this post! =D

I totally agree with your list and follow almost all of them religiously. Talk about going OCD on bookish things! =D

Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

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Hollie said…
I am completely the same with book covers. I really dislike having them mismatching, they just don't look right on my bookshelf and I don't like it! Great post!
I love this list! I relate to so much of it. I always feel guilty about abandoning books too, so I almost always finish them lol.

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