Booktalk: Reasons to date guys who read

Haven’t done a post like this in a while, so thought that to get back into the swing of it, I’d feature a fun little piece I originally wrote for Women24 a while back. I often cross post content across my blog and the site, and the one I’m featuring today is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve written.

I’ve made a few slight changes, but the essence of it remains the same.  

Let’s face it ladies, the only thing sexier than a fictional book character is dating a man who likes to bury his nose between the pages of a book.

Here's list of top 10 reasons why you should date a guy who reads:

1. Men who read are smart, witty, quirky and highly entertaining.
No, I’m not saying that men who don't read are dumb (NOT at ALL - before all the non-readers take offence); it's just that male book addicts can often entertain us with the most interesting and random facts from the knowledge they've gleaned from all their reading over the years.

Which, for me, mean off-beat, scintillating, intellectual and hilarious conversations aplenty.

2. You don't have to feel guilty when you want some reading time for yourself.
Chances are, he'll grab the opportunity to pick up his own book and find his own little reading nook close to you, leaving you both time  to indulge in your leisurely activity.

3. Following on from that, you can then also read to one another. There's nothing that creates the sense of intimacy between book-loving couples than reading some of their favourite passages from their choice of literature, to one another.

Best spots to do this?

In bed, during a picnic and on a cosy little couch in your living room.

4. You can go into a book shop without having to worry about a time limit.
One of the greatest benefits of going book shopping together, is that he'll probably spend just as much time, if not more, in the bookstore as you.

Browsing for books goes from being pleasurable to being downright sublime.

5. He won't mind you gushing, sighing or swooning over your current favourite book. In fact, he'll probably be amused and tease you about your crush on your favourite book characters.

He also won't feel threatened by your ardent fangirling, because he is secure enough to know that he is your very own fictional character come to life.

6.  Boys who read tend to be more keenly attuned to what we're feeling than boys who don't.
While this may not be true for everyone, I do think that boys who get book characters, understand book worlds and plots just get the underlying nuances of our varying degrees of emotions.

They don't just listen to what we say. They listen to what we're not saying.

7. Book boys = more bookshelves. Whether or not he is a handy man, chances are that he'll understand your need for more space to shelve your books.  What girl doesn't love a guy who builds or buys her a bookshelf?

8. You can talk about all the emotions a book has left you feeling and not be worried that he'll be bored
. Book discussions with your book lover will consist of nothing but lively and engaging debates on fictional characters, plots and subtext within the pages of a book.  Regardless of whether or not the two of you agree on a book or not, your conversations will never be lacking, nor will they be boring.

9. He'll never tell you that you have too many books. As a self-proclaimed book whore, the one thing i hate, is when someone tells me that I'm a book hoarder who needs to learn to let go of my books once I'm done reading them.

I'm never done with my books and most readers that I know, often like to go back to their books and reread them (I only donate those I know I won't read again). The bibliophile in him will not only will he understand this, but chances are, that he'll have his own vast collection.

10.  Because he'll go out and buy you a new book when he knows nothing else will cheer you up when you're down.

Not only that, he'll probably surprise you with one just because he loves you. Better yet, he'll know exactly which genre you love, who your favourite authors are and what kind of book you'll need to read just to feel better when all else fails.

And If that's not a good reason to date a man who loves reading as much as you do, then I don't know what is.

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