Book talk: First world book problems

Being a book addict is, without a doubt, the best thing in the entire world. 

But, as we all know, being a slavish literary enthusiast certainly comes with its set of unique problems. I was chatting to some lovely folk on Twitter and in the office and somehow the topic of First world problems, in relation to books came up.

In no particular order, I’ve decided to share them here:

1.  The pain of having to deal with cliff hangers. And then being forced to wait for years before the next book in the series is being released.

2. Forcing yourself to put a book down because things like sleep, work and daily social interactions get in your way. Although sometimes (okay, most of the time), the need to look like a hungover rat with bloodshot eyes in the morning takes preference over putting the novel aside. 

3.  When publishers change book covers halfway through your collection of a specific book series. Now you have to buy a whole new set in order for them to match.

4.  When people who've watched the movie before they've read the book, suddenly start acting like they're experts on both. I hate to break it to you, but your opinion isn't worth much to those who've read the book first.

5. That moment when you have to deal with people who can see that you're reading, but still insist on talking to you anyway. No reader wants to be forcefully ripped out of the fictional world he or she's immersed in.

6. When you have so many unread books in your shelves, but you're not in the mood to read them and as a result have to buy a new one (oh, who am I kidding; there's always a good time to buy books).

7.  Dealing with people who hate your favourite book without having made the effort to read the book in order to form an opinion that's based on popular mass opinion.

8. Having to cope with separation anxiety issues the moment you (reluctantly) lend someone a book. 

9. When you visit the library or bookstore only to discover that they're closed due to stock take. Words can't describe the level of agony I feel when this happens.

10. That long waiting period you have to endure when a book you've ordered takes longer than day to arrive.

11. My lovely colleague Adele says it really breaks her heart that she can't read her Kindle in the bath. I know, it's utterly tragic (I'm not big on the reading in the bath thing, but I can understand where she's coming from).

12.  Laura, our lovely intern on the other hand, says she hates that she's forced to read a popular book the moment it comes out in order to avoid spoilers.

These are just a few of the struggles that I, and my colleagues, like to whinge about. What are some of yours? Please share – I’d love to giggle and nod my head in agreement. 

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