Guest post: 15 ways to tell if you are a bookworm

I don’t know about you, but I never get tired of reading lists about being a book addict. Not only do they have me enthusiastically nodding along to every single point being made, but they always serve to remind me just how awesome it is to be such an ardent lover of books.

In today’s guest post, Tea Addict, a lovely friend of mine, shares her list of ways to tell if you’re a book worm.  I dare you to disagree with all of the points made.

1. You think vouchers to spend at a bookstore are an absolute win.  Family and friends stop asking what you would like for your birthday or Christmas as they already know the answer.

2. Your husband builds you a bookcase.  You couldn’t be more excited if he’d added a new level to your home.

3. When packing for a weekend away, you pack in a book (or two) before clothes.

4. Lending out your precious books almost causes physical pain.  You have devised a series of excuses when someone sees you reading and asks to borrow the book.  “Oh this book?  No sorry it belongs to my aunt’s friend’s cousin’s cat.”

5. You are one of those people who always has a book on them.  It is either in your handbag, or desk drawer or in your car.  You are never without something to read.  Ever.

6. You think libraries are beautiful.  You can spend hours in them and never get tired of going back. 

7. When a movie is based on a book, you are the person in the cinema whispering furiously “It wasn’t like that at all in the book.” People stop wanting to go to the movies with you when the film has anything to do with something you have read. 

8. You will only consider joining ‘serious’ bookclubs.  Where you discuss the book and the characters in-depth.

9. You make time to read.  It can be your busiest time at work but you make sure to dedicate some time to chill out with a book.

10. Books are a healthy form of escapism in your opinion.

11. The thought of being locked in a bookstore (with a comfortable chair and a kettle) is a secret fantasy of yours.  

12. Meeting someone who has loved a booked or character as much as you did is better than ice-cream.  With sprinkles.

13. You have your favourite authors but you are always keen to try something new. 

14. You think librarians are very fortunate people.  As are people who work in bookstores.  To be surrounded by books must be absolute bliss.

15. You are incapable of just browsing in a book shop.  Unless you buy a book (or two) you just don’t feel right.

What else would you add to the list? Do share yours – it’s always fun hearing from fellow bibliophiles.

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