An introduction into the world of a bookaholic

My name is Tammy and I am a book slut.

For as long as I can remember, I've always harboured a deep and abiding love and passion for reading. From my early toddler days (which were punctuated with me being regaled with stories from Aesop's Classic fables to Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh, amongst others) to the beginning of Junior and Middle School where the introduction to the Sweet Valley High series quickly became an addiction.

I read with the kind of voraciousness that inspired (and still inspires) awe amongst the people that are closest to me.

Many people don't understand it, but to me, books have always been my unfailingly loyal companion when no one else was around. After all, I was the fat, awkward and lonely kid who barely had any friends, and as a result, often found herself turning to books to help me get through the loneliness.

 What started out as therapy for the broken-hearted, soon became a raging love affair that burns brighter than ever today - and the knowledge that I could (and still can) escape into a world filled with art, magic and intriguing characters, only served to enhance that love.

Why I'm here
Well, I've been lurking around on various book blogs and figured that it seems like so much fun, why not just join. After all, being a spectator is not always fun, especially when it comes to all things book related.

I work as an online book club writer for a women's website and write monthly electronic newsletters in which we promote and review ten books per month and host a giveaway in which our subscribers can stand a chance of winning our monthly top 10 books as well as a case of wine.

A lot of the reviews and articles that I've written and will be writing and posting here, appears and will appear on the website for which I work. I will make a point of stating this at the end of each review or book related post, lest anyone thinks that I'm plagiarising.

I'll also try and host a competition on this blog every once in a while as I'm a big believer in sharing the book love.

Regarding reviews, I tend to read from a variety of different genres (although, I've developed a deep love for Young Adult fiction of late) and won't stick to just posting a review of one type of genre. In between, I'll definitely be participating in the weekly book blogger memes (they seem like such fun to do) and writing different features about books.

Also, some of my reviews may not be the most recent book releases out there, but I'm ok with that too. I'm not in any form of competition to review the hottest and the latest books immediately, even though my grubby little book paws often desire the latest books.

In between, I'll be doing some personal posts as well and am planning on incorporating this blog with another love of mine that ties in considerably with this blog.

But, more on that next time, I'll post my first review soon.

Until the next post