Book review: Bella Sara: The Ultimate Guide

Bella Sara: The Ultimate Guide
Immortal goddesses, enchanting horses and wondrous towns of yonder all come to life in this beautiful guide to the world of Bella Sara and North of North's magical horses. 
Bella Sara: The Ultimate Guide (HarperCollins)
When I first received this book I had no idea that Bella Sara actually started as a trading card game which featured a variety of different magical horses that you could collect and swap.  I took the book simply because the beautiful illustrations drew me in from the start.

Still, it doesn't really matter if you don't know anything about the world of Bella Sara as this guide serves as an introduction to what is, no doubt, an ongoing series of books in this enchanting world of magical horses. 

Bella Sara explores the world of a young girl named Sara who lives in North of North, a magical continent which floats on a sea of light.

As a young, not-quite-mortal girl, Sara enjoys wondering through the countryside exploring her family's home. It's here where she meets a majestic troop of horses, the leader of which is a brilliant white horse, who approaches Bella and instantly forms a magical connection with her.

It's this magical connection that sets the tone for this book and explores the nature of the horses' magical abilities and the relationships between their charges.

What I loved about the book is that the back section contains a guide to their trading cards and website where you can start your own trading collection and get your own magical horse to look after.

This book bursts with colourful illustrations and depictions of beautiful horses, villages and floating castles. It's a fantastical world which explores an unique world where different types of horses inhabit a bohemian little world that will surely appeal to all little girls aged 7 and up.

You should definitely get this book for your little ones. Actually, it's so utterly enchanting that it will appeal to almost everyone. Goodness knows I'm 25-years old and absolutely adored it!

My rating: 4/5 stars