Festive greetings

So, it being Christmas Eve and although far from finished with the wrapping of my gifts, I decided to quickly take a moment to wish all of you a wonderfully blessed and happy Christmas and fantastic New Year.

I'll be on a bit of a break from blogging for a few days, but will be online soon again.

In the mean time, I hope there are tons of books under your Christmas trees and that you all will find plenty of time in the midst of the festive family madness and mayhem to read all of your new books or to re-read some of your old favourites.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks for reading my blog - I appreciate every single one of you, even though I don't get around to visiting every single one of you as often as I would like to.




Darlyn said…
Merry Xmas Tammy!
@Darlyn - And festive Christmas greetings to you too :D
Merry Christmas, Tammy!
Jan von Harz said…
Merry Christmas, Tammy! Hope the day is magical.
Aisle B said…
wow did you sneak into my backyard and get a shot of the snow... hmmm so those were your Pixie' prints!

Happy Xmas and enjoy the time off. Came round to say enjoy enjoy enjoy :)

PS next time you come round... can you at least shovel the snow... please!
Jenny said…
Happy Holidays Tammy! Love the new look to your blog, it's gorgeous:) Enjoy your blogging time off!
Chrizette said…
Merry Christmas, Tammy. Love the new look of your blog. I have not yet decided but one of my New Year Resolutions are changing my blog and all connected to my book reviews. Wish me luck!
Hope you had a great Christmas, Tammy! I LOVE the new blog layout! Looks really good! :)
Nikki-ann said…
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! All the best for the new year! :)

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