Waiting on Wednesday: Sweetly and Drink, Slay, Love

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine. The idea behind this meme is to highlight up and coming releases that we just can't wait to read.

Because I haven't done one in quite a while, I'm featuring not one, but 2 books that I'm really looking forward to.

First up is: Jackson Pearce's Sweetly.

I'm a huge fan of fairytale adaptations and having read her previous novel, Sisters Red (a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood), I was very happy to discover that she's taking on another classic fairy tale. Sweetly is not really a sequel to Sisters Red, but rather a companion novel to Sisters Red and is a modern adaptation of Hansel and Gretel.

Also, I adore the wicked and creepy cover. It's all sorts of pretty if you ask me. Here's a brief synopsis: 
Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
Publishing date: August 23, 2011 (Yes, I know, it's a hell of a long wait. *sulks*)

Twelve years ago, Gretchen, her twin sister, and her brother went looking for a witch in the forest.

They found something. Maybe it was a witch, maybe a monster, they aren’t sure—they were running too fast to tell. Either way, Gretchen’s twin sister was never seen again.

Years later, after being thrown out of their house, Gretchen and Ansel find themselves in Live Oak, South Carolina, a place on the verge of becoming a ghost town.

They move in with Sophia Kelly, a young and beautiful chocolatier owner who opens not only her home, but her heart to Gretchen and Ansel.

Yet the witch isn’t gone—it’s here, lurking in the forests of Live Oak, preying on Live Oak girls every year after Sophia Kelly’s infamous chocolate festival. But Gretchen is determined to stop running from witches in the forest, and start fighting back.

Alongside Samuel Reynolds, a boy as quick with a gun as he is a sarcastic remark, Gretchen digs deeper into the mystery of not only what the witch is, but how it chooses its victims.

Yet the further she investigates, the more she finds herself wondering who the real monster is, and if love can be as deadly as it is beautiful.

My second pick is Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst.

There are 2 reasons I chose this book. Reason 1. Look at the fabulous, fabulous cover. I don't think I need to say much more do I?

Reason 2. I've read her previous book, Ice (another retelling of a fairytale) and while I did not like the way she executed the novel, I thought her writing was just beautiful.

And I'm never one for writing off an author just because I didn't like one of the author's novels.

That said, here's a very, very brief (there wasn't much info about this one that I could find) summary about the book.

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst
Publishing date: September 13, 2011 (Yes, again, another long wait)

What happens when a vampire is stabbed through the heart by a were-unicorn? She suddenly develops a very inconvenient conscience. Oops.

And that's my picks for this week. What's on your WoW list this week? Let me know - I'm always curious about new reads.

P.S. Sorry that I haven't gotten around to doing any blog visits lately. Drowning in work deadlines, but will try to do some catch ups later  today or tonight.


BLHmistress said…
I have been wanting to read Sisters Red its on my list and so I need to add this one as well, I haven't read any retellings yet and been eager too.

Rie Conley said…
I hadn't heard of Drink, Slay, Love, but it sounds awesomely good and that cover is amazing.
I love retold fairytales! I should definately check out Sisters Red, since I never heard of it before. Sweetly sounds very awesome too! Here's my Wow.
Belinda said…
You chose some awesome books to sharethat I hadn't heard of. Also LOVE your header!! You can find my WOW at The Bookish Snob
Jan von Harz said…
I am also a huge fan of retelling so I am definitely putting both these on my wish list. Great picks!
Vicki said…
Really looking forward to Sweetly, agree that creepy cover is awesome!
GABY said…
Great picks! I also want to read Sweetly.

I haven't read Ice but it's on my list. Thanks for sharing!

My WoW
Aleetha said…
Those two books have a great cover. Love it.
I hope one or both of them will find its way to your and my mailbokz
The Book Angel said…
Both books sounds really, really good. The cover of sweetly is a little creepy though haha! Great picks. Two more for my list!

My Waiting on Wednesday:
Never heard of Drink Slay Love, but I'm so adding it to my Goodreads TBR list! Thanks for the awesome Wow picks!
Jenny said…
Fabulous picks Tammy! I'm really excited for Sweetly as well, I had a blast reading Sisters Red, so I can't wait for more from Jackson Pearce:) Drink, Slay, Love looks really interesting, that ones new to me!
Tevya said…
Both of these look like great reads! I am adding them to my wish list. :)

Tevya @ Reading Lark
Sonette said…
Love your blog! It's really enchanting! Hehe! And great picks on the WoW. I agree the cover for Sweetly is so pretty! New follower, check out my WoW!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lori said…
I hope when you get these books, they will be everything you hope them to be. Wanna see what I am Waiting On Wednesday for?
First thing I love the template you have used, it is beautiful and simple...

Second both the books have been on my radar, have not read anything by either author but since they both have good reviews am willing to give their work a shot someday!
Hope you get a chance to read them both and they are exactly as great as they sound!

My WWW/WoW post this week if you have time to check it out...
brandileigh2003 said…
Hmm.. Sweetly does have a very neat cover. Hope you get to read them soon.

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog
Aisle B said…
Hey pixie!
As always you open up a whole new avenue and I love the Drink Slay Love.
Ditto for the cover and will be what a synopsis: vampire stabbed by were unicorn (had no idea they existed!) and gets a conscience as a result. This is going to be interesting.

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