Author interview: Alyson Noel

I'm so excited for today's post. It's not every day one gets to interview a best-selling author of one of the most popular YA book series out there to date.

I'm sure many of you must have been following the recent blog tour stops that Alyson has been featuring on, but for those of you who haven't - well, I've been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview her.

Also, for those of you who are huge fans - watch out for a special giveaway which will be hosted by the lovely Kelly & Tarryn from It's a book thing blog. Kelly's been wonderful enough to send me some Immortals swag (2 t-shirts, bookmarks and Evermore book samples), so please make sure you head on over to her blog and look out for that giveaway (Don't worry, I'll be sure to post about the giveaway as soon as it's gone up on their blog).

In the meantime, here's the interview as promised:

Hi Alyson

Thanks for joining me and for taking the time out to answer some of my questions.
1. Everlasting is the sixth and final instalment in the Immortal series.

What were the most predominant thoughts and feelings that went through your mind when you wrote the very last word?

Writing the final scene in Everlasting was emotional in a way I didn’t expect.

I’d spent so much time with these characters over the last few years that they became very real to me, so the realization that our time together had come to an end was very bittersweet.

Though I’ve enjoyed watching Ever grow from a grief-stricken, insecure young girl into a confident young woman ready to embrace the destiny she was born for.

2. Did you know from the onset that there would be six books in the series?

When I was writing Evermore, I was so immersed in that particular story that I didn’t see it as the start of a series.

It was only when I’d reached the end that I realized it was really just the beginning, and I was about a third of the way through Blue Moon when I knew exactly how the series would end.

3. How did the writing experience differ for each book and which storyline did you find, was the most challenging to write?

Each book presented it’s own set of challenges, but Everlasting was probably the most challenging of all. Every event in the previous five books happened for a reason, nothing was random, it was all leading to the finale, and so the challenge was to make sure that all those events were addressed.

And though I’d kept notes along the way, I still did a quick read of the prior books just to make sure I got everything. That said, Everlasting was also the most fun to write, as I finally got to give Ever the ending she’d earned.

4. Ever and Damen have been on an emotionally and physically intense journey throughout the entire series. Can you give readers a little insight into what we can expect in Everlasting?

In an attempt to avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that in Everlasting, Ever not only learns the true origins of her relationship with Damen, but she also faces her biggest challenge yet—one that will put everything she knows and loves—including her future with Damen—at risk…

5. How do you feel now that Ever and Damen's story has come to an end?

I miss the characters, I miss their world—especially Summerland!—but I feel really good about the way it all came together in the end.

6. I've always thought that Ever is such an unusual name for a character.  Is there a story behind why and how you chose her name?

I love unusual names and I’ve been collecting them for years in a file called: The Unusual Names File, which is neither unusual nor original!

So each time I start a new book, I flip through the file in search of ones that will fit my new cast of characters, and while I don’t remember where I first heard the name Ever, I do know that it had been in the file for a while and I was thrilled to finally have the chance to use it.

7. For me, Damen is certainly one of fiction's most swoon-worthy crushes. Can you share some of your book character crushes with us?

Oh, I have a lot of old school literary crushes, namely Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre!

8. I was very excited to hear that The Immortal series has been optioned for film. If you could cast any roles for the characters of Ever and Damen, who would it be and why?

I’m just terrible at this question—I have no idea who I’d cast! I guess because I can see the characters so clearly in my head it makes it difficult for me to replace them with real people.

Though, if they need me to sit in on the casting call for Damen, Roman, and Jude, I would definitely clear my schedule to be there!

9. Over the last few weeks there has been raging debate about YA fiction becoming too dark. has even condemned some YA fiction for romanticizing domestic violence. What are your thoughts on this?

I think the books we read tend to mirror the times that we’re in, and there’s no doubt that we’re living in some very dark times of war, financial crises, and increasing violence.

As one who went through a very difficult adolescence, I can honestly say that these so called “dark books” were a beacon of light for me.

Not only did they make me feel less alone in my struggles, they also provided me with the hope that things would one day get better. Banning books that deal with heavier subject matter only serves to keep them from the kids who need them the most.

10. There have been some great YA fiction that have been emerging throughout the years. What are some of your favourite books that you've read over the last couple of years?

I have so many favorites—it’s a great time to be a reader of YA!—a few I read this year were: Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann, Forgive my Fins by Tera Lynn Childs, and The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda, which will be out this fall.

11. What can readers expect from you in 2012? Are you working on any new books at the moment?

The Riley Bloom series—a spin-off of The Immortals series—will continue with Radiance, Shimmer, Dreamland, Whisper, and more.

And I’m currently working on a new paranormal YA series, Soul Seekers, set for a simultaneous debut in the US and UK in spring/summer 2012!

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Everlasting is available now. You can click here to buy your copy.


Aisle B said…
Loved this Q&A post. You always have the best insight and Alyson Noel made it all the more exciting with her answers.

Going to have to look up this series next. Arghhh I can't afford to spend more but it's all for a good cause;)
What a great Q & A! Your questions were really adult (if that makes sense).

Looking forward to do the giveaway.

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