Book Excerpt & Giveaway: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

It’s the book that has been making waves (yes, I went there), all over world. Already out in some parts of the world, Rick Yancey’s YA dystopian novel is all about surviving in a world invaded by aliens.

Featuring a gutsy heroine, it’s also the first book in a trilogy, and from what I can gather, has already been optioned for film rights.

I’m currently reading it and can assure you that, so far, it’s definitely proving to be worth the hype and so much more. I’ll be featuring a review in the next two weeks or so, but if you can’t wait that long, thanks to the fabulous publishers, I’ve got an excerpt for you below (synopsis precedes the extract).

About The 5th Wave
The 1st Wave took out half a million people.

The 2nd Wave put that number to shame.

The 3rd Wave lasted a little longer, twelve weeks... four billion dead.

In the 4th Wave, you can't trust that people are still people.

And the 5th Wave? No one knows. But it's coming.

On a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs. Runs from the beings that only look human, who have scattered Earth's last survivors.

To stay alone is to stay alive, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan may be her only hope.

Now Cassie must choo
se: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death.

Add it to your TBR pile:

Check out the excerpt below:

THE 1ST WAVE took out half a million people.

The 2nd Wave put that number to shame.

In case you don’t know, we live on a restless planet. The continents sit on slabs of rock, called tectonic plates, and those plates float on a sea of molten lava. They’re constantly scraping and rubbing and pushing against one another, creating enormous pressure.

Over time the pressure builds and builds, until the plates slip, releasing huge amounts of energy in the form of earthquakes.

If one of those quakes happens along one of the fault lines that ring every continent, the shock wave produces a superwave called a tsunami.

Over 40 percent of the world’s population lives within sixty miles of a coastline. That’s three billion people.

All the Others had to do was make it rain.

Take a metal rod twice as tall as the Empire State Building and three times as heavy. Position it over one of these fault lines. Drop it from the upper atmosphere. You don’t need any propulsion or guidance system; just let it fall.

Thanks to gravity, by the time it reaches the surface, it’s traveling twelve miles per second, twenty times faster than a speeding bullet. It hits the surface with a force one billion times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Bye-bye, New York. Bye, Sydney. Good-bye, California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia. So long, Eastern Seaboard.

Japan, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Rio.

Nice to know you. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

The 1st Wave was over in seconds.

The 2nd Wave lasted a little longer. About a day.

The 3rd Wave? That took a little longer—twelve weeks. Twelve weeks to kill . . . well, Dad figured 97 percent of those of us unlucky enough to have survived the fi rst two waves.

Ninety-seven percent of four billion? You do the math.

That’s when the Alien Empire descended in their fl ying saucers and started blasting away, right? When the people of the Earth united under one banner to play David versus Goliath. Our tanks against your ray guns. Bring it on!

We weren’t that lucky.

And they weren’t that stupid.
How do you waste nearly four billion people in three months?


How many birds are there in the world? Wanna guess? A million?

A billion? How about over three hundred billion? That’s about seventy-fi ve birds for each man, woman, and child still alive after the first two waves.

There are thousands of species of bird on every continent. And birds don’t recognize borders. They also crap a lot. They crap five or six times a day. That’s over a trillion little missiles raining down each day, every day.

You couldn’t invent a more efficient delivery system for a virus that has a 97 percent kill rate.

My father thought they must have taken something like Ebola Zaire and genetically altered it. Ebola can’t spread through the air.

But change a single protein and you can make it airborne, like the flu. The virus takes up residence in your lungs. You get a bad cough. Fever. Your head starts to hurt. Hurt bad. You start spitting up little drops of virus-laden blood.

The bug moves into your liver, your kidneys, your brain. You’re packing a billion of them now. You’ve become a viral bomb. And when you explode, you blast everyone around you with the virus. They call it bleeding out.

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, the virus erupts out of every opening. Your mouth, your nose, your ears, your ass, even your eyes. You literally cry tears of blood.

We had different names for it. The Red Death or the Blood Plague. The Pestilence. The Red Tsunami. The Fourth Horseman.

Whatever you wanted to call it, after three months, ninety-seven out of every hundred people were dead.

That’s a lot of bloody tears.

And now, for the best part:

Thanks to the fabulous team from Penguin, you can win 1 of 3 copies  of The 5th Wave. The giveaway for the 3 copies is open to South African bloggers only, but I’m throwing in an additional copy in order to give international readers a chance to win.

I’ll be ordering the copy from The Book Depository, so make sure it ships to your country before you enter.


1. This giveaway will run from now until the 15th June.

2. Winners will be announced on my blog and will be contacted via e-mail. Once you’ve been notified, you’ll have 48 hours to respond. Failure to do so will result in another winner being selected.

3. In order to quality for this giveaway, you have to (and this is NB):
    a) Have a book blog, and/or
    b) Have a profile on Goodreads, and/or
    c) Be on any other online platform where you’ve previously reviewed a book before.

4. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me about the book you consider to be your favourite this year, so far. When commenting, please provide me with a means of contacting you. 

You get a bonus entry if you tweet about the giveaway (please include my twitter handle:  @Tammy24_7).

And that’s it!

Trust me, you’ll definitely want to read this! So go forth and enter book worms!

Update: This giveaway is now closed


Monique said…
Well, the best book I have read thus far is Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls about a time-travelling killer and the one girl he failed to kill. Brilliantly clever and original.

Please enter me! You can mail me on wildconstantia at gmail dot com. :)
My favourite out of the books I've read this year has to be The Savage Garden by Mark Mills. I have been completely enthralled by the language and the descriptions of this lovely mystery tale. I do have a book blog and goodreads profile, so I hope I will be considered :)

Mel @
KJ Mulder said…
So far my favourite read this year has been The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes.

Daniela said…
Favorite book... just one? Well, I'll go with Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, except now I'm dying for the next book which comes out in 2014! *shakes head*

Anonymous said…
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Just finished reading it this weekend! It's cute, quirky and makes your hear just that little bit sore. It;s the story on an unconventional romance between Park, a boy who's grown up on the Flat but who never fit in, and Eleanor, the outsider who moves there with her mom, siblings and nasty step-father.
Love blossoms in the backseat of a bus, over music and comic books. It's a heartsore romance, but one that's going to stick with me forever.

twitter: @jessmanim
email: (respond to this one over weekends :P)
you know the blod and good reads :P
Anonymous said…
Fave book this year has to be Golden by Jessi Kirby. I just connected with it wholeheartedly and it gave me so many feels. I just loved it.

whatdanididnext {at] gmail [dot] com
My favourite book this year is probably Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. The perfect ending to the The Infernal Devices trilogy!!

Shaina said…
Have to say my favourite was The Shining Girls, but then I read NOS4R2 is now my favourite so far. Terrifying horror which kept me reading every minute I could.

shaina [dot] boswell [at] gmail [dot] com
Mara said…
Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor.

mdabris [at] gmail [dot] com
Sugar and Snark said…
Thanks for the giveaway!
So far my fav book has been: A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent!

email - chidoryx AT hotmail DOT com
Continue from 2nd comment. My email:
Justin A. said…
The best book I read so far is A Million Suns by beth Revis! I usually dont like sci-fi but that book was amazing!

I book blog on Goodreads
Md. Jakaria said…
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Excellent review~ I actually liked this guide a lot more than you did. It's a bit slowly, yes, but it's such an excellent read! I'm also grateful I selected this up outside of university or else I'm sure I wouldn't appreciate studying this in a college establishing.
fatma shahin said…
My favorite book so far from this year is definitely unravel me by Tahereh Mafi. It was so well written, it drew you right in from page 1. The plot development and the character development were amazingly done and the ending left you wanting more, even though it wasn't your typical cliff hanger. I haven't read a book this good in a while. :)
My email is and my twitter handle is @itsgryffindor
fatma shahin said…
My favorite book so far from this year is definitely unravel me by Tahereh Mafi. It was so well written, it drew you right in from page 1. The plot development and the character development were amazingly done and the ending left you wanting more, even though it wasn't your typical cliff hanger. I haven't read a book this good in a while. :)
My email is and my twitter handle is @itsgryffindor
ed sica said…
Percy Jackson and the olympianns!!! <3
ed sica said…
All the 5 books of Percy Jackson and the olympians!! <3