Author guest post: The Fantastic Beasts (of Of Light and Darkness) and Where To Find Them by Shayne Leighton

In celebration of the re-release of her book, Of Light and Darkness, I’d like to welcome author Shayne Leighton to my blog today. 

Described as a cross between Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus (which I loved) and Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, Of Light and Darkness is a New Adult paranormal fantasy which chronicles this story of Charlotte, a girl raised by a Vampire in a society where all manner of magical creatures reside.

In today’s guest post, Shayne introduces us to the various magical beings that can be found in her book series; from vampires to elves, fairies to shape shifters, each supernatural individual has a role to play. 

Before I hand over to Shayne, here’s some more info about the book, which is out now:

Of Light and Darkness

Raised by a Vampire in a secret society of Witches, Shifters, and Elves, Charlotte finds that she is the freak in her world of magic and wonder.

When she stands before an army of impossible obstacles, the likelihood of survival in this coming-of-age modern fairy tale is slim, resulting in a war between light and darkness.

Charlotte knows no other home than the one nestled deep in the woods of Eastern Europe, where Witches draw spells of enchantment, Shifters throw tea parties, and Elves are the closest in kin.

As genocide and war threatens her life and her home, Charlotte will not allow her one true love to be destroyed.

Fighting for her adopted coven of rogue monsters, she will do whatever it takes to save them...and she'll do it before the sun comes up and light takes over forever!

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Over to Shayne

The Fantastic Beasts (of Of Light and Darkness) and Where To Find Them

Happy release day! If you're preparing for your first trek into the world of Of Light and Darkness, I thought it might be best to provide a guide of Occult City creatures, some warnings, and prepare you for your journey!

OLAD's different creature sects are as follows...

Elves - They are perhaps the most prominent beings in every Occult City or bordered Magic Order society. In the crowded streets of Prague, they would perhaps be easy to miss, for they appear human enough.

Often times, when they are among the mortal kind, they do well to hide their pointed ears and keep their bright gazes lowered. Careful to upset an Elf, for their powers range from annoying to positively deadly.

Shifters and Weres - Also very common in magic societies, there are Shifters of all kinds, from wolves to rats...and yes...even spiders!

Most are very cunning, though they'd be more interested to snack on their respective natural game. (i.e. if you run into a wolf, don't fear. They'd much rather bring down a stag than to snack on you!) They also appear rather mortal when they are un-shifted, but remember that appearances can be deceiving and not all are benevolent.

Fae -
Fairies and Fae are a little less common, but far more dangerous than the previous two sects. They are nothing like the pretty, winged girls of mortal fairy tales.

Instead, Fae are bloodthirsty with lengthy incisors, sharp points at the ends of their wings, and wretched claws. Pray you never happen upon one on an afternoon of woods-wandering.

Vampires - Even less common than the Fae, they are slowly being wiped out by some unknown forces...though there a few guesses as to who might be responsible. As with Elves, Vampires are not always what they seem. True some are bloodthirsty, cunning, overtly sexual creatures, though they can also be very empathetic.

Never forget, they were once human and are still ruled by their human desires. They are also seen less, for they revert back to their corpse state during daylight hours, though during the night, they are incredibly strong, fast, and beautiful.

Imps / Sprites - Similar to the Elves, though these creatures tend to be shorter. Most are very money-savvy, owning businesses and such. They belong to different groups within their sects (i.e. Water Sprites or Vodnici, Forest Sprites, Fire Sprites, etc.)

Sirens - They are similar to mermaids. At first, they appear to be beautiful women lurking below the surface of the Vltava river. But they are, however, very dangerous, feeding on virgins and drowning men.

There are also many feral creatures, such as dragons, wraiths, river serpents, and such others. It is best to travel magic areas with one who knows the surroundings.

Thanks Shayne!

It certainly sounds like an interesting array of fantastical creatures. I, for one, can’t wait to get acquainted them all.

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