Booktalk: 7 Super powers every book lover should have

In which I write a post inspired by a conversation I had with a friend on Twitter.

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1. Astral projection

For when we want to leave wherever we are to find some comfort, and peace and quiet to read.

Also, there are some amazing literary places to explore, beautiful libraries from around the world to lose ourselves in and fantastic international book fairs we could go to without having to pay for an expensive flight.

Oh and if that doesn’t work, there’s always a portkey. In fact, I reckon we should have both options, don’t you think?

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2. The ability to mute people on command

Because no book lover enjoys being interrupted.  No really. We absolutely hate it when you do this.

To us, you’re the annoying ad break during prime time television shows.

Nobody likes you and nobody wants you.

Being able to silence you will prevent us from committing homicide, which means everyone involved benefits. You get to keep your life, we get to avoid jail time.

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3. A time-travelling machine activator

So that we can visit places from historical periods that we only get to read about in novels.  Just imagine being able to be transported to ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome? 

Or to the era of the Vikings?  

Of course, these periods weren’t without their epic wars, bloodbaths and bloodshed, but that’s the beauty of having a time-travelling machine – you can go back or forward any time you want to.

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4. Speaking of time, a handy ability to stop time would also be very welcome.

It’s no secret that out almost every book lover fears they’ll never be able to read all the books they’d like to read before they die.

A time-freezing ability would definitely help our cause.  Just as long as it doesn’t automatically age us the moment we un-pause time again.

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5.  The ability to read books in any language

Because let’s face it, there are probably loads of awesome books that haven’t been translated into English yet, and imagine if we can get other people to read books from some of our local Afrikaans authors.

How awesome would that be?

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6.  Being able to fantastical book worlds (and the fictional characters within them) to life
Sure, it may bring with it a bit of chaos and upheaval, but imagine getting to meet your favourite fictional character and along with all manner of mythological creatures. 

I like to think of it as book necromancy (Yay, this means I can bring Snape back to life). 

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7.  While we’re at it, can we add speed reading to the list?

Anyone a fan of Criminal Minds?

If you are, you’ll know that Spencer, the profiling team’s resident genius scrolls through a book at a speed that seems to be way faster than light or sound (while still absorbing the book’s contents).

Imagine how many works of literature we could all get through in one night if we all had this ability?

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That’s just my list. How about you? What super power do you, as an avid bibliophile, wish you could have? I’d love to hear yours.


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