Review policy

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy.  Kindly note that I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Before submitting your request, please have a read through my review submission guidelines:

1. Genre preference:

My genre of choice is Young Adult fiction. I do accept a few adult fiction reads, but Young Adult fiction takes priority in terms of both reading and reviewing for my blog. 

I'm willing to review the following sub-categories within the YA genre:

- Paranormal Romance
- Urban Fantasy
- Contemporary Fiction
- Dystopian Fiction
- Historical fiction/ Mythological retellings
- Fantasy
- I may accept sci-fi, provided that there is a strong romantic aspect to your plot.

Adult fiction - I accept the following:

- Magic Realism
- Fantasy
- Paranormal romance
- Crime thrillers (although not as often as the above-mentioned genres)

I prefer books in print format and usually give review preference to books received in this format. That said, I do accept a few e-books for review. Due to an eye condition, reviews of e-books tend to take longer as I read slower on electronic devices, in order to avoid severe eye strain.

The books I review often are often featured on the online book club (which, to date, has a database of 6 500 subscribers) I manage.

You can find an example of what the monthly newsletter I send out, looks like here.

If you're feeling so inclined, you're also welcome to subscribe to the newsletter here.

I'm willing to review book series, but would prefer receiving a copy of the previous title in the book, should it be that I haven't read any books in the particular series. 

Please also note that me accepting a book for review, won't necessarily guarantee a review.

Should I find that , for whatever reason,  I am no longer able to review your book, I'll ensure that I contact the publisher /author in question and ask for permission to pass it along to a fellow book blogger for review.

I don't accept the following books:

- Self-Help books
- Non-fiction

2.  Self-published books

I do accept a limited amount of self-published books. However, please take note that traditionally published books do get preference in terms of both review requests and turnaround time for reviews.

Update: I'm currently open to a few self-pubbed reads, but only if they  are YA or New Adult. I'm especially keen to promote NA fiction (as I haven't read many books in this genre and would like to).

Please note that I do take much longer to review self-pubbed reads, due to books I need to review for work, but as far as possible, I do try my hardest to get around to every single

In addition to that, I'd once again like to clearly state that I reserve the right to chose whether or not I will end up reviewing the book.

3. On my review style:

I love writing book reviews and I pride myself on being completely honest.

I always add a personal touch to my reviews, ensuring that I inject my voice into the actual review. For so long, we've been subjected to stiff, formal and academic  reviews, that I go out of my way to gush, rave, and rant(without being rude) about how I experienced the book.

That's the format that works for me and it's one that won't change.  I make a point of mentioning what I loved within a novel and what I didn't and always strive to never attack or discredit the author in the book review. 

Please don't email me asking me when I'm going to have a review up. I've had this happen to me a few times, and while I understand that you're excited about reader reaction and the exposure, I ask you to please consider that I do have a day job and have a schedule to work around.

4. Author promotion/giveaways
As a lover of books, I'm not just interested in reading the novel, but love getting to know the author behind the novel. I'm more than happy to promote you in any way I can and often take part in blog tours. I welcome guest posts, interview opportunities, cover reveals and giveaways.

Want to be featured? Please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm looking forward to promoting your book on my blog.


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